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You've encountered heroes from the legendary Team Legacy at Legacy Result, now you can finally join forces with them and have full access to their arsenal of awesome tools. Become a member of the team and enter the Team Legacy HQ where you can work together with other new recruits to build and earn a legacy of lasting, meaningful traffic. Discover the once secret Legacy Team Coop and utilize it's power to easily leverage the promotion of all of your offers with one link. Help the team defeat new foes, conquer new challenges, and more today!

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Strorromi Portrait


Strorromi is a master of Dwarven battlecraft and an excellent smith! Despite his rough appearance, Strorromi is very patient and kind. A wise old Dwarf, Strorromi trains new recruits and is the first mentor you'll receive.

Krooth Portrait


A reliable comrade in battle, proud Krooth rejected the path most Birdfolk take, instead opting to become an archer. He may come off as arrogant at times, but he's an excellent teacher and a loyal friend you can always count on.

Lyra Portrait


An Elfen ranger, Lyra is a woman of many many talents including magic and the crossbow. She may be blunt and all business, but she's incredibly merciful and sympathetic. A legendary hero, Lyra will make an excellent mentor to all.

Han Portrait


Han "The Heroic" lives up to his title. Han has been on many adventures and saved countless lives, yet continues to remain humble and reserved. Han truly is the ultimate hero and the greatest mentor any aspiring hero could have.

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Unleash your revenge upon mankind as you turn and look towards the human cities, only to see a great pillar of flame hit their cathedrals, the ensuing shockwave and flamewall erasing all signs of their kingdoms' existence.

The Insights of Darkness

Hu Shun Xiao
When people comment on Dragonic's difficulty, I always reply 'The armor of a true knight, is not shiny - only battle worn'.

Hu Shun Xiao, Lead Developer

Rob Auguste
There is nothing - literally - nothing more satisfying for a VFX artist to see his work giving life to a luscious 3D environment.

Rob Auguste, Senior VFX Artist

Antonio Kirill
People ask me why I work such long hours and I find myself quoting the same thing - I simply adore making games.

Antonio Kirill, Lead Game Designer